Organic Day Crème

Organic Day Crème


Nourishing organic oils, organic plant extracts and organic hydrosol hydrate facial skin.


Suitable for all skin types and can be applied around the outer eye area.


Plant Oils:
- New Zealand Organic Avocado Oil
- Certified Organic Borage Oil
- Certified Organic New Zealand Olive Oil
- Certified Organic New Zealand Flaxseed Oil
- Organic New Zealand Calendula Oil
- Certified Organic Jojoba Oil

- Organic New Zealand Lavender Hydrosol
- Nano Zinc Oxide
- New Zealand Certified Organic Beeswax
- GE free Lecithin
- Organic New Zealand Lavender Essential Oil
- Organic Clove Bud Essential Oil
- Organic New Zealand Totarol
- Potassium Carbonate

Net volume 30ml
Best used within 6 months of purchase 

Created in 2001 and redeveloped in 2009.

Facts about Margaret Hema Organic Day Crème SPF12

- It contains no synthetic chemicals of any kind.
- It is 86% organic.
- The crème has its own preservative system based entirely on the natural organic compounds.
- The 'liquids' component is Pacific Blue Organic Lavender Flower Distillate (hydrosol). This hydrosol is produced naturally during the steam distillation of Pacific Blue Organic Lavender Essential Oil.
- The fragrance of the crème arises from the natural essential oils.
- The dispenser is designed to prevent air or microbial organisms coming into contact with the crème. This minimises oxidation (which can make the product rancid) and also helps to prevent bacterial or mould growth in the product.
- While this is primarily a nourishing and hydrating day crème it does have SPF12 factor. This is Nano Zinc Oxide (ZnO) with a small particle size (this is what makes it clearer than the ordinary 'surfers' zinc oxide).
- It has taken ten years to develop this product. It has now been trialled and tested to the point where Margaret Hema is confident that she has the day crème that she has always wanted for her clients.

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