Press — 2014


Margaret Hema, 2014.
Photograph by Caroline Atkinson - February 2014.



Beauty Section
Mindfood Magazine
November 2014

An excerpt from Out & About with Kelsi Hamilton
Dominion Post

July 2014

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I'm a rusher, I always have been. I rush everything – even when it comes to looking after my precious skin. On the particular day I went to see Margaret Hema for a facial I had been rushing (even more than usual). Getting off a flight at 11am I had exactly three hours to do five hours’ work before I went to experience my facial. So by the time I arrived at Margaret’s pink boutique salon I was a frantic mess just thinking about the next thing I needed to do.
What an experience I had! You can’t help but be soothed by Margaret and her pink salon. That’s the thing about Hema, it’s all very soothing, with every component of the experience putting you at ease. 
Margaret herself explains the science of your skin and face, and talks about the organic oils that she makes herself that go so beautifully on your skin.
Having sensitive skin I was a bit worried I would look in the mirror and my face would be covered in patchy red skin (I had even packed my make-up bag to reapply afterwards!). But it wasn’t the case - my skin was smooth and my eyes were lifted and de-puffed. 
Afterwards I did something I haven’t done before – I went to work without makeup on – that’s the type of confidence Hema products bring!

Sean Walker