Press — 2001

The Evening Post (Wellington, NZ)
An excerpt from "Running on empty"
by Amanda Nicolle

6 November 2001

It's been a big year and your tank's almost dry. How then are you going to get through the busiest, most expensive, most stressful part of the year? IT'S November already. It's been a long and eventful year and you're nearly at the end of your tether.

...Massage the ego Treat yourself to the most wonderful massage or facial to soothe away the woes. Margaret Hema is one of the best in the field, and uses her own oils and potions that not only smooth the skin but have a strangely calming effect on the mind and the soul, as does the conversation with this amazing woman. Bottoms up If all else fails, treat yourself to a nice glass of champagne and pretend all is well. Drink to yourself, your friends, your boss and your bank manager, and when you've finished the bottle you'll love them all ...

The Evening Post (Wellington, NZ)
An excerpt from "Let's face it"
by Amanda Nicolle

25 September 2001

You can't avoid looking at it in the morning, and it's generally the first thing others will see when they greet you. The face, like it or not, is your 24-hour, live business card. I DOUBT whether there is one woman on the planet who is completely happy with what she sees when she looks in the mirror.

...The Margaret Hema range of skin care and oils are just the most divine products I have ever used, I have four facials a year at her clinic and use only her products and the difference has just been amazing. "The other thing I absolutely swear by is Imedeen, which I have taken religiously for the past three years. I would drink about 750ml of water a day which makes a huge difference, and I keep my face out of the sun." When asked about men, and how they seem to improve with age, she says: "Yes, I agree. It's fine for men to be craggy but they should look after their skin. There's good craggy and bad craggy, and they should use the same products and beauty regime as women to make sure their skin looks its best."

Sean Walker