Liv Tyler

An excerpt from - exclusively for The Residents, April 2018...


Chelsie Preston Crayford
08 August 2018

I have been using Margaret's products for ten years now, and I will no question be using them for the rest of my life. Margaret's exacting eye and attention to detail means her products are meticulously thought through at every stage of the process, and contain only what's truly natural and beneficial for your skin - something very few brands can truly claim. I have watched her products transform both my mother's and my complexion over the years, enabling two women of very different ages and stages to glow. Margaret is a bona fide skin-master and her products are world class. I don't believe there is any better skin care out there than Hema.

Much, much love.
Chelsie Preston Crayford

Elisabeth Findlay
13 July 2018

“I have been using HEMA face and body oil for many years and I just love the way it makes me feel! Love the fact that my one beautiful bottle does it all!

13 July 2018

We at ZAMBESI love seeing our customers spreading the Hema glow around and returning the moment their bottle is empty.

xx ZAMFAM xx


The Residents Blog
Lucy Revill
March 2016

I had read about Margaret as a fourteen year old girl, wolfing down fashion magazines with abandon.



FishHead Wellington
Beauty Section
Eliza Romanos

March 2015

Since it's creation, HEMA has reigned as the original oil-based skincare range.



Beauty Section
Mindfood Magazine

November 2014

Hema began formulating her own products to nurture the often overloaded complexions she was seeing. She is known for transforming the most compromised skins to glowing health.


Anna Paquin
August 2014

"I finally had my first facial with Margaret Hema. She is really magical! Always loved the products. Love her more!"

Sir Jon Trimmer
September 2014

Dear Margaret,
I've been using your products for many years, and still love them. Each night after performance I use your cleansing oil to remove my makeup, then rinse my face with warm water. Once dry I put another layer of oil on my skin, then gently pat it with tissue to remove the excess. Truly my skin glows. At 75 years and still performing the use of your products keeps my skill in excellent condition.
Thank you so much.

Out and About with
Kelsi Hamilton,
Dominion Post

July 2014

That's the thing about Hema, it's all very soothing with every component of the process putting you at ease.

Rosemary, Lady Southgate
7 March 2014

I have had the pleasure of being a client of Margaret Hema’s since 1986. Hema is my product of choice because it keeps my skin feeling like silk.

The Kiwi Diary 2013
by Freda Wells, Kiwi Diary

April 2013

“Word of mouth” - a holy grail in the world of the marketer and brand strategist, yet a phenomenon that renders them both redundant. And so it is by word of mouth that I’m made aware of Margaret Hema and her amazing facials...

Out & About with Maily
The Dominion Post

September 2012

Walking into a beautiful heritage building on Courtenay Place, Margaret's new salon is perfectly at home. Once you walk through her door, it's just like her old room but even more magical.

Excerpt from Fashion Quarterly
Features Writer, Megan Bedford

May 2011

The humble pink room in a CBD office building belies the luxury nature of titian-haired wonderwoman Hema's treatments.

LovelyLivTyler, By Lisa Oxenham.
Marie Claire,

March 2011

I have two different worlds - one where I'll use products like Crème De La Mer and the other, which is more natural. I met a wonderful facialist, Margaret Hema, when I was filming Lord of the Rings in New Zealand and fell in love with her range of natural products. My mum taught me at a very young age to take really good care of my skin.

Heavenly Hema
Annabel McAleer - Good Magazine

26 October 2010

....And if there's one New Zealander to go to for a facial massage treatment, it's Margaret Hema.

Carolyn Enting
The Dominion Post

12 May 2010

Since she first developed her range in the early 1990s oil-based products have begun to flood onto the market. Hema Facial Cleansing Oil has been around since 1997.

Out & About with Teresa
The Dominion Post

18 August 2010

Margaret assessed my skin and was insightful and knowledgeable, and most of all honest. She has a philosophy on how skin should be treated, which is like a beautiful fabric. I had to agree her theories on skincare all made sense.

Pretty Beautiful
9 November 2009

...Margaret wanted to make the experience a “deeply spiritual one” by being lead by a Powhiri - a Maori ceremonial welcome.

Harper's Bazaar Dubai
July/August 2009

Her Philosophy "My thinking has always been that skin should be treated like beautiful fabric."

Woman & Home
February 2009

"What's good about this facial? Everything! My skin felt wonderfully smooth, my eyes were lifted, de-puffed and de-creased. No facial has ever done so much for my confidence!"

Amanda Nicolle
About Town in Wellington - Sunday Star Times

29 June 2008

"The creator of the Hema organic skincare range and an 'intelligent' facialist for more than 20 years, Margaret hand blends her oils, 10 bottles at a time, from a secret recipe at her salon in the heart of Wellington."

Gaylene Preston
Wellington Filmmaker. Arts Foundation Laureate

November 2007 

"I am very careless with 'beauty-regimes' but splashing Hema oils on my face every morning for more than a year now has vastly improved my skin. I love it - and it's as safe as houses - especially around the eyes."

Jennifer Looman
Director of Wild About Wellington

September 2007

"With a bit of attention and the right products, Hema skin care makes all the difference and takes facial skin to a whole new level."

Easy Living UK
April 2007

"New from New Zealand's resident skincare guru Margaret Hema - Hema Quintessential Oil."

Olivia Falcon
Deputy Beauty Editor Tatler

December 2004

"...A new beauty heroine, Kiwi Facialist Margaret Hema..."

Elijah Wood, Actor

"May her products transcend her homeland and find their way to the rest of the world."

Niki Harris
Personal Trainer on Lord of the Rings
N.Y. Director/Choreographer
Broadway Dancer

November 14, 2000

I was introduced to Margaret Hema through my work on the film 'Lord of the Rings' while on location in Wellington, New Zealand.  And now, all I use on my face are her products. 

Miranda Otto, Actress

I really like Margaret's range of skincare because its fresh, natural and smells delicious.  Its also great that it is such a simple compact range. If you are ever in Wellington you should treat yourself and drop in and be pampered by Margaret Hema herself. 

Alexandra Spring
Beauty Editor, Vogue Australia

March 2006

"The range will be limited to the existing seven products because as she says; 'why change something that works?'".

Liv Tyler
British Empire Magazine


"...fondest memories of New Zealand facials by Margaret Hema and her products."

Calgary Avansino
Wellbeing Editor & Beauty Writer
British Vogue

January 2005

"Margaret Hema offers a natural alternative for glowing hydrated skin."

Peter Swords-King
UK based Makeup Artist & Hair Designer
Oscar & BAFTA award winner for Lord of the Rings


"HEMA makes your skin feel like velvet."

Jack Yan
Founding Publisher, Lucire
Wellington, NZ

June 2005

"...In my experience, Margaret Hema is the best facialist in the business."

Sir Jon Trimmer
Royal New Zealand Ballet
Wellington, NZ, 2006

(Sir Jon has been using this product for well over a decade)

"The facial cleansing oil feels like gossamer on my skin."

Olivia Falcon
Deputy Beauty Editor, Tatler

December 2004

"...HEMA, awarded an unusually unheard of 10 out of 10."